To serve is the supreme art and our serving way is none other than to actively attend to our clients from our first meeting.

To attend for understand our speaker as much as possible as the case may be. A clear management and a transparent offer based on the experience are the perfect way to transport packages of supplies with quality products, with consulting of adapted and approved goods for EU, always with competitive prices and guarantee. First quality, after price.

We have the facilities and experience which allows a shipment management and efficient and safe transportation with an on-time delivery and communication performance and differentiating two specialist areas of business: Electrical system and Carpentry.


  • Electrical conduits of any type. Electrical pipes, PVC and metal trays, crates or pipes for office automation. Also white pipes for domestic use. Accessories of all elements as electrical angle bends, boxes, etc…., in addition to auxiliary elements for assembly.
  • Conductors of any type for electrical energy distribution.
  • Electrical cable trays for electricity distribution.
  • Electrical mechanisms for industrial use as switches, sockets, mechanism for computer networks, telephony.
  • Accessories and systems for home automation.
  • Electrical protections. Including creation and advice for the assembly of control and protection switchboards.
  • Lighting studies with multiples possibilities for street lighting, outside lighting, sport areas, hospital areas, hotels including contract, etc. We have very professional manufacturers with proven quality and highly competitive prices. Parts and pieces for lighting systems.
  • Motors and pumps.
  • Electrical transformer and its components.
  • Columns and supports for lighting.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Ceiling fans.
  • Professional tools for electrical installations.
  • Consumables and accessories for wires’ connection and identification.


  • We supply movable walls for multi-use rooms that allow organization of one or more simultaneous events. Hotels, event places, professional training areas, multi-use rooms, etc.
  • We offer carpentry with different styles that provide soundproofing level of 42dB. We analyze each project and we propose a complete solution including technical support in case it is necessary.
  • Strong doors for hotel rooms, decorative and soundproof doors for a good level of acoustic insulation. Doors with metal frames and smooth finish for an easy cleaning for hospitals, medical centers and buildings with high occupancy and frequent use. Ask us, we have adapted solutions for your project.
  • Furniture for locker rooms and toilets of gyms, companies, schools, etc. We make custom-made furniture for these places with materials as phenolic compact. Because of its properties, this material is perfect as comprehensive solution for its durability, hygiene and functionality.
  • Custom-made furniture for hospitals.
  • Wall lining for laboratories, hospitals, schools.
  • Phenolic toilet partitions and shower dividers. We have a range of different and interesting styles adapted for each project. Phenolic partitions have stainless steel accesories with good treatments for rust protection and cleaning products for building with high occupancy as offices, airport, train and subway stations, factories.
  • Lockers systems for gyms, pools, companies, schools. We have different styles adapted for each project, including different opening ways (conventional and electronic).
  • Carpentry of PVC and aluminum. We have a partner network that allows us to have managed to study, make and manufacture PVC carpentry for heritage buildings with guaranteed and interesting styles. Supplies of railings, screens, glass dividers, decorative metal structures, glass entrance doors.
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